Peter Adderton is the founder and former CEO of Boost Mobile USA. He’s leading the call for protection of an important market segment—the prepaid wireless consumer. He's demanding that the Sprint/T-Mobile merger not be approved without the prior sale of the Boost Mobile and MetroPCS brands. And also calling for lawmakers to implement wholesale price protections to ensure ongoing market viability for Mobile Virtual Network Operators who bring a competitive dynamic to the wireless marketplace that ultimately benefits consumers.

Peter’s passion on this issue stems back to the very origin of the Boost Mobile brand in 2001. After seeing a family member being denied wireless service because she hadn’t yet established credit, he created the company to ensure that youth and credit-challenged people could get quality, affordable, wireless service through prepaid options.

Boost Mobile USA was so successful, that it was purchased by Nextel in 2004, and remains a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sprint Nextel today.