Speaking up now is the only way to ensure that Sprint, T-Mobile and government regulators hear the concerns of all consumers. Use these tools to make sure you have a voice:


Email the CEOs:

Click HERE to send an email sharing your thoughts about the merger to both John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile and Michel Combes, CEO of Sprint.

Contact your elected officials:

Regulators will be holding hearings to discuss the proposed merger. Write, email or call your Senator and representative in Congress...or use Resistbot—it's free and easy. Just text RESIST to 50409 to get started.

A voice for employees and other stakeholders:

If you’re an employee or business partner with T-Mobile or Sprint, we know you have an especially unique stake in this prospective merger—and a lot to potentially lose for speaking out against it.

But we’ve heard from insiders who don’t believe they’re being told the whole story by their employers, and want to help reveal the truth. If you have information you wish to share confidentially, there's a topic page just for you on Blind.